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Acces personnalise a des sources de donnees multiplesBouzeghoub, Kostadinovpdf193.5512/06/2006
Acces personnalise a linformation Approches et techniquesLynda Lechani Tamine, Mohand Boughanempdf402.2401/06/2006
Data personalization a taxonomy of user profiles knowledge and a profile management toolBouzeghoub, Kostadinovpdf281.2301/06/2006
Documentation du prototype COCoFil3Camara F Argoud Gpdf4479.4322/02/2008
Extraction and Integration of MovieLens and IMDb DataVeronika Peraltapdf813.7725/02/2008
From Beautiful to Useful A Multi Scale Visualization of Users Movie RatingsVuillemot, Peraltapdf1066.8925/01/2008
Generation of a Reference Data Set for Query PersonalizationVeronika Peraltapdf254.3127/02/2008
Matching of MovieLens and IMDb Movie TitlesVeronika Peraltapdf76.3525/02/2008
Quality control tools - TIPS - System specificationsNathalie Denospdf1034.0320/10/2006
Quality control tools - TIPS - User requirementsNathalie Denospdf782.8720/10/2006
Reecriture et evaluations de requetes flexiblesPivert, Lietard, RocacherPDF114.4408/06/2006